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Corey Green


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Field/Court Sport Athletes Strength / Power

Corey’s field/court sports program are designed to increase your strength and power giving you a competitive advantage over your opponents. He has designed programs for professional athletes including AFL players Connor West, Elijah Hewett, Greg Clark, Josh Rotham, and many more. His program encompasses strength, conditioning, mobility, and recovery.


Professional Golf Program

Corey’s golf program is designed for golfing professionals who are looking for an edge in the competitive field. The program includes strength and power sessions which includes mobility, plus nutrition and hydration advice.


Triathlon Programs

All triathlon-specific programs include swim, bike, and run sessions, including strength training and a race day hydration and nutrition plan. Programs run for 10-24 weeks depending on experience, current fitness level and distance of race. The subscription is ongoing until you email us to suspend, however we encourage you to use our aerobic base building […]


WAFL Strength & Conditioning Program

Athletes often neglect their strength component of training and focus heavily on the skills component, which is very necessary. However, a lack of personalised strength training causes a decline in speed & power, which is a key factor in sporting success. Corey’s WAFL programs aim to increase maximum strength and power while working on key […]


Run Programs

Whether you’re aiming for a personal best, tackling a new distance, or simply seeking to enhance your running performance, our program will help you safely progress your training to successfully reach your running goals. Your program will be available through the premium version of TrainingPeaks. Seamlessly integrated into our coach methodology, we utilise the data-driven […]