From state sporting teams and professional athletes to the general population and the youth stars of tomorrow, we pride ourselves on rAIsing the bar in the S&C industry.

Our full testing and analysis, individualised programming, and holistic offerings combine to create a truly unique facility for optimal athletic performance. But don’t just take our word for it; hear what our Athletes and members have to say.

Our Professionals

Mark Hutchings – West Coast Eagles, AFL

Over the years, I have had a lot to do with the coaches at Athletic Institute in particular Corey Green. I have known Corey for a few years, and his passion and commitment to strength training is what stands out for me.

His desire for knowledge and further education on the new methods and techniques behind modern strength training is what makes him not only great but an expert in his field.

I have had a great opportunity to work with these blokes not only because of their incredible amounts of knowledge but also because they are also great fellas!







Trent Manzone – West Perth Football Club, WAFL

AI is authentic, and you are more than just a gym member. You work with each other to reach your own personal goal, not a generic one. The staff are extremely professional but also very personable, so you have that team/family atmosphere.

Coach Corey has can get the best out of you from training.  He can also come to you on a personal level, I’ve seen him help a lot of people out. 

Since joining AI I am in the top 5 for footy fitness testing, have become stronger while increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat.

Our Athletes

Honey Harrington – Youth Athlete

As a 10 year old I entered the gym for the first time which was a very daunting experience, however, as soon as I started to train I was hooked! Athletic Institute has helped me with my confidence not only as an athlete but a person. Every single coach and athlete brings a different dynamic to the gym making it an enjoyable environment.

AI has catered to my individual needs as a short athlete by focusing on things like my vertical leap, explosive movement and core strength. Over the past 4 years AI has moulded me into the athlete I am today. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Jake Demiris – Wannaroo Football Club, WAAFL

I have been at AI for close to 3 years now and in that time the facility has basically become a second home. In my time at AI I’ve been able to achieve physical and mental goals making me a healthier and stronger person, this is all thanks to the awesome team.

Corey and the team at AI are knowledgeable, passionate and forthcoming making the facility a great environment to be in.

All the coaches have been there every step of the way in some capacity, helping me smash my goals large or small which I am forever grateful for!