Team Coaching

The most important factor for team success is when the collective group has a common goal and vision, and all players and staff buy into that vision…we call this culture.

If you’re lucky enough to work in a team that has a strong culture, you’ll know the team is striving to get better, and to get better you have to know where you’re at. That’s where we come in! Here at AI, we work with teams of all different levels; from semi-professional to state academies, all the way down to youth sporting teams.

Our staff have also been coached by industry-renowned performance coach Brett Bartholomew on how to effectively build team culture. As such we have a “people first” mentality and a thorough understanding of human behaviour. This helps us attain team buy-in and once you have that, you have a great foundation to build from.

Our team strength and conditioning sessions are a great way for teams to bond and form relationships in a professional setting while being coached by some of the best coaches in Australia.

The first part of the process is to run a physical testing session to determine how the individuals in your team move. Once we have gone through the testing, we analyse the results and design comprehensive training programs based on those testing results and your goals.

Athletes will get access to their programs on their phones, including team leader boards for certain lifts/drills, team compliance reports (for data-driven coaches), athlete monitoring and so much more. The training program is designed to increase mobility, stability, strength, and power, which therefore leads to a reduction in injuries so you can keep your best team on the park.

These training programs can be completed in our state-of-the-art facility as a group or externally at your own premises.

The goal of each session is not only to strengthen the team physically but mentally and emotionally. Using proven strategies and tactics to build and enhance culture, the result is a complete end-to-end process delivering high athletic preparedness.

What you get

  • Coaching from some of Australia’s most experienced Strength & Conditioning coaches
  • Training programs sent directly to the athlete’s phones
  • 2-3 highly qualified coaches depending on the size of the team
  • Full testing results and team rankings (if requested)
  • Access to a state-of-the-art facility with specialised testing equipment
  • Compliance reports & much more


We work with athletic teams of all kinds, across a wide variety of settings. We strive to develop strong working relationships with the athletes so we can foster a culture that has a desire to consistently become better versions of themselves. We do this by providing a safe environment where athletes can learn, grow and immerse themselves in a high performance program. All athletes will get access to our highly knowledgeable coaching staff, state of the art testing equipment and facility, as well as detailed strength and conditioning programs.


  • $299 – 60 minutes 
  • $349 – 90 minutes
  • $399 – 120 minutes

*This price includes programming, excludes travel time, travel time will be charged at $0.78 p/km

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