Physical exercise is only half the journey to a healthy mind and body. No matter how hard you work, how fast you run or how heavy you lift, you cannot be successful without a nourished and well-fueled body

A common error people make is to “train harder or more frequently” to compensate for poor nutrition choices. However, trying to out-train poor nutrition does not work. Nutrition is essential to adequately fuel your training habits and daily lifestyle. 

Here at AI we take a holistic approach to wellness and encourage our members to work as much on their diet, as on their exercise regime.

Sports DietitianOur Sports Nutritionist Fabricio Forchino has over 18 years of experience in the field and has worked with high-performance athletes, coaches, and teams across several sports and different countries. 

Fabricio has completed extensive training in Dietetics and earned his ISAK Level 3 accreditation in Argentina. He has also completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition and earned a Distinction for his research project on 3D body scanning technology during his MSc in Sports Nutrition from the University of Stirling (UK). Currently, Fabricio is undertaking a Ph.D. program at Curtin University in Australia to further develop his research profile.

At Aspetar, one of the world’s leading sports medicine institutions, Fabricio was responsible for developing and implementing applied sports nutrition for various national teams, including Qatar Football, Handball, and Volleyball, as well as Athletics and Aspire Academy. He also organised and ran the first ISAK certification course in the Gulf region and developed many nutrition workshops for athletes, coaches, and sport science personnel.


Nutrition Consult | $90 – 75 minutes

Sports Nutrition Consult | $120 – 90 minutes

Review Consult | $70 – 30 minutes

Individual Meal Plan – $90

* All nutrition consults include a general guideline handout and some recipes (Weekly meal plans not included).

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