Youth Development

Give Your Kids The Foundation For Long-term Health & Fitness

Youth strength and conditioning is seeing a big surge in popularity due to evidence-based research highlighting its positive physical and mental benefits. However, in order to reap those benefits in a healthy way, you need to select the right specialist coaches.

Our youth coaches are degree qualified and train state athletic and sporting teams including West Perth Football Club, State Netball Club, Youth Basketball and more.

Every single coach uses scientifically proven strength techniques to progress your child through the various strength and conditioning exercises without adding pressure or risking injury.

How Youth Strength & Conditioning Can Benefit Your Child

How It Works

Suitable for 10 – 17-year-olds of any fitness level, these specialised classes for young members are fun, challenging and results-driven.

Unlike other youth group fitness classes, your child will receive thorough screening and testing before they even begin the program.

The results of this testing together with your child’s personal, athletic or sport-specific goals will form individualised training programs. The exercises in the program are carefully designed to improve and enhance the exact skills required for their chosen sport.

Your child will work through their program with our degree qualified and highly experienced instructors.

We regularly monitor and assess your child to ensure continual progress and adjust their program based on their results.

Our youth program includes:

  • Individualised programs based on testing, screening session, and goals
  • Supervised session with an Exercise Scientist or Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Each session includes mobility, warm-up, program, skill training, fun games and activities
  • Development of invaluable team-building skills
  • Train Heroic performance app which gives you access to your program anytime, anywhere AND lets you track your progress
  • Access to a charging station and iPad stations to complete your program
  • Access to an in-house GP, in-house Exercise Physiologist and in-house Accredited Dietitian

Don’t worry about hidden costs. Unlike other activities, you won’t need to pay for uniforms, concert tickets, equipment, exams, books, and other costs that come with extra-curricular activities.

Our youth classes guarantee expert tuition and proven results.

1 class per week | $42.50 p/ week

2 classes per week | $52.50 p/ week

3 classes per week | $62.50 p/ week

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