New Member Packages

Trial a Membership Option! Starter packages available for new members so you can try before you commit


For only $37.50 per week, you get one month of:

      • AI open membership
      • Functional Movement Screen testing
      • Fully personalised program based on your fitness test results
      • Access to our fully equipped state of the art facility
      • Strength & Conditioning Coach or Exercise Scientist on site at all times to help you when needed
      • Train as and when want to fit your schedule
      • Open Mon – Fri, 6am – 7:30pm and Sat, 6:30am – 11am
      • Valued at $270.00


One month unlimited group sessions, Includes fitness appraisal and program.

      • Supervised group session with a Strength & Conditioning Coach
      • Personalised programs based on testing, screening session, and your goals.
      • Sessions run for 75-minutes, however you can come & go as you please in that time (8-sessions available).
      • Members are retested regularly to monitor progress
      • Valued at $440.00


One month membership, which includes an initial screening session and program (maximum of 2-sessions per week)

        • Personalised programs based on testing, screening session, and your goals
        • Supervised session with an Exercise Scientist or Strength & Conditioning Coach
        • Each session includes a warm-up, program, skill training, games
        • Develop valuable team building skills
        • Valued at $330.00

*All payments are made in full prior to the commencement of the one-month membership trial. Memberships will be automatically set-up upon the completion of the trial, members must give seven days notice of non-renewal. Not available for previous members of AI, new members only.

New Member Details

Once you have purchased your desired membership package please complete the below form or call us on 9409 9404 to book your FREE testing session.

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