Strengthen your weakness to enhance overall athletic performance


Here at Athletic Institute, we pride ourselves on ‘rAIsing the bar’ and providing complete strength and fitness solutions at a highly competitive price.

Not your average gym, we do not set and forget.  We know that getting optimal results relies on proper education, technique, consistent monitoring and regular reviews.  As standard, you will receive fully accredited and degree-qualified coaching and programming.

Not only will you be invited in for a consult to determine your goals, but a functional movement assessment and a thorough overview of what you will gain as an A.I. member. Once you select your membership, you will regularly receive new programs based on Athletic Institute’s 5-pillars of performance:

  • MOVEMENT ANALYSIS and TESTING to assess athleticism
  • MOBILITY, STABILITY, and quality FUNCTIONAL movement patterns to improve movement and enhance performance for increased likelihood of success
  • STRENGTH & CONDITIONING to rehabilitate any current issues, reduce injury, and increase athleticism
  • EDUCATING and DEVELOPING you through the use of long-term athletic development models to ensure you fully understand what you are doing, why and how it will help you
  • EXERCISE NUTRITION is a pivotal element of successful training and in ensuring you reach your goals
AI 24/7 Membership | $24 p/ week

Suitable for all fitness levels, members receive a FREE fitness appraisal PLUS personalised training program tailored to help you achieve your goals.

  • Upgrade to $39 per week for personalised programming
  • Access to a fully equipped state of the art facility
  • Access to our online training platform to follow your program
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach or Exercise Scientist on-site at all times
  • Flexibility to train when it suits you
  • Open Mon – Fri, 6am – 7:30pm and Sat, 8am – 2pm

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AI Youth Athletic Development Program | from $49 p/ week

Suitable for 10 – 17-year-olds of any fitness level,  you will receive FREE personalised training programs tailored to help you achieve your goals.

  • Personalised programs based on testing, screening sessions and your goals
  • Quarterly testing
  • Access to our online training platform to access your program
  • Supervised session with an experienced Exercise Scientist or Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Each session includes a warm-up, strength program and skill acquisition games
  • Development of valuable team building and leadership skills for complete sporting and personal development

1 class per week | $49 p/ week

Unlimited classes per week | $69 p/ week

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Our Youth Program