Specialised Classes

Get Personalised Training Specific To Your Body Type, Mobility And Goals

Congratulations! If you’re on this page, it’s because you are serious about seeking expert help and advice to achieve your long-term health and fitness goals.

Unlike CrossFit and F45 group fitness classes where you do the same as everyone else regardless of your ability, body limitations, goals or mobility, here at Athletic Institute we are very different.

We offer full mobility testing before you begin AND individualised training programs based on your result. You work through your program together with your Strength and Conditioning coach and your program is reviewed and updated regularly based on your performance.

All our coaches are degree qualified professionals who train elite and state athletes, sporting teams, the Federal Police, school and university training programs, celebrities and anyone else serious about their health and fitness.

Train Hard, Stick To The Program & Improve…Or Your Money Back!

How It Works

  • Start with a FULL functional movement screening test to determine your mobility and movement patterns
  • Receive a individualised training program based on your results, reviewed and updated every 4 to 6 weeks
  • 8 x 1.5 hour training sessions available each week. Train within that time and complete your daily program. (click here to see timetable)
  • Get quality instruction from the best coaches in the S&C industry
  • Log your performance and track your progress using the industry-leading Train Heroic performance app

PLUS: Access to OUR in-house GP, in-house Exercise Physiologist and, in-house Accredited Dietitian!

So confident are we that you WILL get fitter and stronger, we are putting our money where our mouth is and offering a


Follow your program for 12 weeks, log your workout using your Train Heroic App, track your progress and view your results.  

If you see no improvements, we will happily issue you with a refund. All you’ve got to do is start!

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Raising the bar

I wanted to be strong, fit and lean without bulking. Strength and Conditioning at AI offers you exactly that.