Online Programming

Can’t get to Athletic Institute? Don’t worry, our online programs are specifically created to be done in any gym & anytime.

Times are changing and exercise has become even more of a priority. A recent surge in online fitness and strength programs has certainly helped people to become more active. However, without proper testing and tailored programming, the risk of injury can be high. That’s why we write online programs individualised to your body functionality and goals.


Strength and Conditioning/Performance Programs

Personalised programming is a vital component of a successful training regime. Without it, you cannot successfully and safely progress to reach your long-term goals. It is this tailoring that is missing in commercial gyms and fitness centres.

Your program is based on your testing results and is written by highly qualified coaches. These coaches spend a great deal of time, utilising their knowledge and experience to ensure you continually progress upward toward your goals.

*Programs run for 4-6 weeks depending on experience & consistency.

2-sessions Initial | $79.00 / Update $59.00

3-sessions Initial | $99.00 / Update $79.00

4+ sessions initial  | $119.00 / Update $99.00

Sports Specific – 5-7 sessions  | $149.00 / Update $129

*Programs are included as part of your Youth Athletic Development Program and Semi-Private membership.

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Triathlon Programs

All triathlon specific programs includes swim, bike and run sessions, including strength training and a race day nutrition over the time period of your choice, which will depend on your current training status and experience. All Perth based athletes will need to consult with a coach in person for physical testing & functional movement screening so the strength program can be tailored to the individual and correct movement deficiencies that could cause issues into the heavier training blocks. This is an additional charge and will include Anthropometrics, movement assessment, force plate testing, strength testing, and more. All over east and overseas athletes will run through our online version of this testing, which gives a basic overview of your movement and strength capacities. 

There are also a few non-negotiables before undertaking a plan through Athletic institute, all athletes must subscribe to either Training Peaks or Today’s Plan for their program at their own cost (~$25 p/month), have a proper training watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar etc) and a heart rate strap. This is to ensure chronic training load can be properly measured. This is for the athletes best interest and longevity in the sport, it also allows your coach to make informed decision about your training plan as you progress to your goal race.

12-Week plan | $349.00 

16-Week plan | $399.00 

20-Week plan | $449.00 

Email if you have any specific questions or would like some further information. 


Stay tuned. More online programming options coming soon!