Membership Options

Here at AI we focus on long-term physical development over short-term body goals. Each and every one of our membership options begins with individual Functional Movement Screening. Without this, we have no idea what your body can do and will never ask you to perform cookie-cutter exercises that will stunt your progress.

Our reputation throughout the strength and conditioning industry is based on quality coaching and programming for all our members and athletes.

These are our 5-pillars of performance that are addressed when designing your new program.

  • MOVEMENT ANALYSIS and TESTING to assess athleticism.
  • Create MOBILITY, STABILITY, and quality FUNCTIONAL movement patterns to improve performance and increase the likely hood of success.
  • Improve STRENGTH & CONDITIONING to reduce injury and increase athleticism.
  • EDUCATING and DEVELOPING all aspects of training, including the use of long-term athletic development models.
  • EXERCISE NUTRITION to support training and reaching athletic goals.


24/7 Membership| $24 p/ week or $39 p/ week including personalised programming.

Suitable for all fitness levels, after an initial screening and testing session that all new members must go through, you can opt to purchase a program designed by one of our expert coaches or follow you’re own plan, just as long as you have something to follow to help guide your training. Your program must match your main aim, this is where our expert coaches come into the picture, we are here if you want to take your training to another level.  

  • Access to a fully equipped state-of-the-art facility including watt bikes, curved treadmills, elite cable machines, and the coffee/bar
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach or Exercise Scientist on-site at all times
  • Flexibility to train when it suits you
  • Access to an in-house Exercise Physiologist, and in-house Massage Therapist

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Consultations and Assessments

Here at AI, everyone will undergo a thorough consultation and fitness assessment prior to joining.  This includes mobility screening and a health check to assure your safety.

Without this, we will not be fulfilling our duty to you as coaches and you will be training without a purpose.

Consult (30 mins) | $55

Consult and strength testing (60 mins) | $90.00

Performance Testing (90 mins) | $130.00

Anthropometrics (skin folds) | $55.00

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Team Coaching

Our team strength and conditioning sessions are a great way for teams to bond and form relationships in a professional setting while being coached by some of the best coaches in Australia.

The first part of the process is to run a physical testing session to determine how the individuals in your team move. Once we have gone through the testing, we analyse the results and design comprehensive training programs based on those testing results and your goals.

Athletes will get access to their programs on their phones, including team leader boards for certain lifts/drills, team compliance reports (for data-driven coaches), athlete monitoring and so much more. The training program is designed to increase mobility, stability, strength, and power, which therefore leads to a reduction in injuries so you can keep your best team on the park.

These training programs can be completed in our state-of-the-art facility as a group or externally at your own premises.

The goal of each session is not only to strengthen the team physically but mentally and emotionally. Using proven strategies and tactics to build and enhance culture, the result is a complete end-to-end process delivering high athletic preparedness.

$299.00 | 60-minute session

$349 | 90-minute session

$399 | 120-minute session

*This price includes programming and excludes travel time, travel time will be charged at $0.78 p/km

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Private Coaching

Whether you’re aiming to build strength, lose weight, enhance flexibility, or a newbie gym-goer, private coaching is a great way to experience the benefits of precise, one-on-one guidance. Particularly suitable for people who prefer the motivation and accountability that comes with working with a personal coach.

1x 1-hour session per week | $85.00 per session

2x 1-hour sessions per week | $80.00 per session

3x 1-hour sessions per week | $75.00 per session


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Casual Visits

Non-Member | $19.00 per session (During staffed hours)

Member | $9.00 per session (applies to all 1-on-1 members & youth ADP athletes)