Membership Options

We pride ourselves on quality coaching and programming for all our members and athletes. These are our 5-pillars of performance that are addressed  when designing your new program.

  • MOVEMENT ANALYSIS and TESTING to assess athleticism.
  • Create MOBILITY, STABILITY, and quality FUNCTIONAL movement patterns to improve performance and increase the likely hood of success.
  • Improve STRENGTH & CONDITIONING to reduce injury and increase athleticism.
  • EDUCATING and DEVELOPING all aspects of training, including the use of long-term athletic development models.
  • EXERCISE NUTRITION to support training and reaching athletic goals.
AI Open Membership | $20.00 p/ week

Suitable for all fitness levels, members receive a free fitness appraisal and personalised training program tailored to help you achieve your goals.

  • Access to a fully equipped state of the art facility
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach or Exercise Scientist on site at all times
  • Flexibility to train when it suits you
  • Open Mon – Fri, 6am – 8pm and Sat, 7am – 3pm

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AI Specialised Membership | from $50.00 p/ week

Suitable for all training levels and especially those wanting to take their training to the next level.

Receive a FREE fitness appraisal and personalised training program and supervised sessions to ensure you are getting the most out from your training to achieve your goals.

  • Supervised group session with a Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Personalised programs based on testing, screening session and your goals.
  • 1.5  hour group training sessions (Eight sessions available)
  • Members are retested regularly to monitor progress

1-3 classes per week | $50.00 p/ week

4+ classes per week | $70.00 p/ week 

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AI Youth Development Program | from $40.00 p/ week

Suitable for 10 – 17-year-olds of any fitness level, these specialised classes for young members members are fun, challenging and results-driven.

To begin with, your child will receive thorough screening and testing. The results of this, together with your child’s specific goals will form a FREE personalised training program to work from. Our degree qualified and highly experienced instructors will continually monitor and assess your child to ensure continual progress.

Our youth program includes:

  • Personalised programs based on testing, screening session and your goals
  • Supervised session with an Exercise Scientist or Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Each session includes a stretches, warm-up, program, skill training, fun games and activities
  • Development of invaluable team building skills

Without the extra clothes, uniforms, concert tickets, equipment, exams, books and the other hidden charges of most extra-curricular activities, these classes cover expert tuition and guaranteed results.

1 class per week | $40.00 p/ week

2 classes per week | $50.00 p/ week

3 classes per week | $60.00 p/ week

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