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How to set goals that you will stick to and achieve.

It’s that time of year again, holidays are over, the new year has commenced and it’s time to start setting some health and fitness goals for the year ahead. Now, before you start again with the “New Year, New Me!” (and we’ve all been there!) there are a few things one should consider when making changes and setting these goals.

Every year we see people come through the doors after the Christmas and New Year period feeling pretty crappy about themselves. They’re more motivated than ever to “shed the holiday kilos” and “rock a new body” this year, only for them to stick with it for six, eight or 12 weeks until they fall off the wagon and return to old habits. This happens all too often when people set goals that are non-specific, unattainable or unrealistic. They hit these ‘Hard Core 12-Week Programs’ alongside those low calorie/low carb/restrictive craze diets to shed that holiday weight. They are feeling awesome and looking awesome! But once those 12 weeks has finished and they have achieved their #bodygoals, they think it’s time to take a break from all the training because “I’ve been working so hard” (*rolls eyes*). It’s time to indulge, because you know “I’ve been dieting really strict for 3 months and haven’t had a single slice of cake, I have earnt a week off to eat whatever I want, it won’t hurt”, right?

News flash – it will hurt. And we’re here to tell you why.

This kind of mentality and application around setting health and fitness goals is so damaging. It doesn’t promote long term attainability and permanent change. When it comes to health and fitness, your goals need to encompass a lifestyle you can carry LONG TERM. This means that in 1-2 years, 5-10+ years down the track you will still be feeling and looking healthy. Anything that ever promises you “instant results” or is labelled as a “12-Week Program” stay well clear of it!

So, where does one start with successful goal setting? Download our action list you can fill out in your own time to help you be clear on what it is you want to achieve and then start taking the right actions towards changing your lifestyle and reaching your goals.

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