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If you haven’t collapsed in a heap on the floor after your workout, have you exercised at all?

In recent times we have seen a surge in high-intensity strength and conditioning gyms where the aim is simple. Lift light weights as fast as you can in-between gruelling bouts of cardio such as box jumps, blast push-ups, burpees, and double-unders.

If you aren’t dodging puddles of sweat and wondering if this is how you’re destined to die, you clearly haven’t worked hard enough “so drop and give me ten more!”

But your strength and fitness isn’t a trending phase of your life. It isn’t a stop/start exercise and should form part of your daily routine. So how long can your mind and body keep up with the intensity of these injury-inducing regimes?

Traditional strength and conditioning gyms like ours which work to slowly, steadily and safely build up strength and fitness for the long-term are sidelined. 

The fact is, humans are wired to see success only if we have overcome obstacles and struggled. And yes, you will surely struggle. The time will come when you cannot physically complete your workouts anymore and this is often how we get many of our clients.

Broken and battered, they come through our doors where they are nurtured and bought back to life as if by magic. 

It’s annoying that we waste so much of our life doing what we think works, rather than listening to people who know what works. We’re happy – willing even – to be sucked in by the marketing hype. 

We close our eyes to the fact that those who’s lives and careers depend on being fit and healthy give trending workouts a wide berth. 

Sometimes we need to stop and let common sense prevail. Can you still see yourself doing these heavy sessions in 5 years? Will you still have the mental will and physical capacity? Do you really want to exercise hard until you hit your 40s and then stop because you’re too broken to do anything else?

Full testing, individualised programming, slow and steady progress may not sound as exciting as the “CrossFit Games” (da-da-da-daaaaaaa) but the results will last a lifetime…not just the summer.

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