First Time at AI

How do I join?

We require anyone wishing to join our facility to book an initial consult. The consult is an opportunity to go through your or your child’s goals, details of any current or past sporting involvement, and a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  The FMS is a screen to help us understand how your body moves so we can program your training sessions accordingly. There are 60 or 90-minute options available, although the 90-minute consult is for advanced athletes and involves advanced testing. Consults can be booked with a Coach here. 

How do I book a session?

The quickest and easiest way to book a session once you become a member is to download the Athletic Institute App via Google Play or App Store and enter the same details you use to sign-up.

Once in the app, go to the ‘Book’ tab along the bottom which will bring up the class schedule. Select Timetable along the top and simply book your chosen class, day and time. You can also pre-book multiple sessions ahead of time. You will receive an email confirming your class booking.

Do you offer a trial class or trial membership?

Our entire process is designed to ensure we are the right fit for you. We insist on a consultation that includes a tour of the facility, meeting the Coaches, and undertaking a Functional Movement Screen. We also do not have any lock-in contracts or joining fees, so you can feel comfortable signing up knowing you can cancel your membership if you need to. Please refer to our cancellation policy.

Do you offer casual visits?

We do offer casual and walk-in options, details of which can be found here

Do you have to be a member to use your recovery boots, altitude room, or sauna?

No, you do not have to be a member to use our specialist Altitude Room Classes or our recovery products.  Bookings can be made via the AI App. To purchase our 8-week Altitude Classes, click here

Do you have affiliations with additional services?

Yes we do. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic service to our clients and we have both a Chiro and a GP who specialise in Sports medicine. You can book an appointment here

Youth Memberships

How old does my son/daughter have to be to join the Youth Classes?

Children as young as 8 years of age may be eligible to join our Youth Athletic Development Program. During an initial consultation, the coach will provide recommendations based on screening and testing results and where the athlete is currently at in their physical development and maturity.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

We love having siblings use our facility together. For that reason, we offer a 5% discount for 2 children and 10% for 3 or more off classes and services. 

Do your youth classes run term-time or throughout the year?

Mental and physical health and wellness is a life-long journey and therefore we offer many classes that run right throughout the year closing only on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. Class days and times will alter during public holidays and you will be notified of this through SMS messaging and email. It is important to sign up for text message alerts to ensure you do not miss out on important notifications.

Can I book classes on behalf of my son/daughter?

We encourage all our youth athletes to book in themselves. This builds responsibility and keeps them accountable for their own training journey. If you do have to book in for your child, it is important to do so using THEIR details. Booking in with your own login details causes complications to the back-end of the system.

If my son/daughter pay for multiple sessions per week can I choose any session I like to suit my schedule?

Yes, you can choose which days and class times best suits you. If you pay for 3 youth ADP sessions per week, you can select any 3 you like.

I am on a waitlist for the Youth Class; can I still attend?

We understand that your training days may be limited, and we don’t want your child to miss a session. If we know a class is fully booked, we will allocate another Coach, so you can be rest assured there will be enough staff to run a high-quality session.

Do you offer make-up sessions for missed Youth ADP classes?

We run 13 Youth classes across the week and your membership allows you to choose from any of those session days and times. You are even free to change your days and times from week to week depending on your schedule.  However, if you do miss a session and have already booked in, you must early-cancel through the AI app to enable you to make up the class within a month.

What is the age limit for Open or 24/7 Membership?

Anyone in our adult program can join the Open membership option. For our youth athletes, moving to Open membership is dependent on a number of factors including the length of time they have been at the facility, their training competency, and maturity. Please note that the final decision is at the discretion of their Coach. The minimum age for 24/7 membership is 18 years.

Upgrades, Downgrades, Suspensions, and Cancellations

Can I increase or reduce the number of sessions I train per week?

Changes to memberships can be done at any time. A new Ezidebit form is required to be completed with a staff member to upgrade/downgrade. You can email your request and a staff member will assist you when you next come in.

*Please note, requests to change the number of sessions per week or membership will be actioned within 3-business days. So, when you are submitting your request keep in mind your direct debit date, for example, a request made on Friday will not be changed until the following week. If your normal payment comes out Monday, you need to inform us by Wednesday the week before.

How do I cancel a class due to illness?

To avoid losing the session you or your child must ‘early cancel’ through the AI app. This will allow you to rebook the session later that week or make it up within one month of the missed session.

How do I suspend my membership? 

In order to suspend your membership, you will be required to complete a suspension form. Use your details to login and complete the waiver form: 14 days notice prior to the expected date is required for all suspensions.  Please note if a form is not received you will still be charged, we feel this is very fair, so no refunds will be made if this process is not followed. If you are having trouble please email us and one of our staff will get back to you within 2-business days. 

How do I cancel my membership?

All cancellations require 14-days’ notice before being actioned. A simple waiver form is to be completed via the following link: https://www.waiverking.com/print/26139 just use your email address and password to log in. If you experience any difficulties, please email us.

*Please note changes to memberships require 2 weeks’ notice as per suspension/cancellation policies. Requests cannot be processed until a copy of the form is received.

I’ve forgotten the password to my Mindbody and/or AI app account, how do I reset it?

When we create your account on Mindbody we set a universal password, which is Athletic2015, so you can try that, or simply click the ‘Forgotten password’ link and reset.

When creating your AI account, you are given the option to set your own password. We suggest that you keep this the same. Please see staff to reset your account if you are still having difficulty accessing it.

Online Programming

Do you offer at-home or online programming?

Yes, we do. Not only do we have athletes all over the country, but we also understand you may want to train at home or in another commercial facility.  With our online training platform Train Heroic, you can access your training program anywhere and anytime. All programs  are written based on your goals and experience and will include exercise videos with descriptions, sets, and reps. Find out more here.

Class Information

What to bring

Please bring a full-sized towel and water bottle to every session. You are also required to wear a mask at all times except when undertaking vigorous exercises. You can hire a spare towel for $3 if you forget yours and we have cold still and sparkling water to purchase.

Signing In

You must scan into the facility using the SafeWA app and if you have not already done so, or are new to the facility, we will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination and sight your ID. We will keep this for our records so you only need to do this once. 

Upon arrival, you must also check in your attendance to the class via the iPad at Reception. 

Class Structure

Semi-Private and Youth classes run for 90 & 75-minutes. We encourage you to come into the facility 5 to 10-minutes earlier to foam roll. The classes begin with dynamic stretching and a fun warm-up, after which you can proceed with your program. You are not required to stay for the full duration of the class and are free to leave earlier if you need to.


A great deal of care and attention is paid when writing your program so it is important you follow it. There is a notes section at the end of each exercise where you can write any comments. These comments will be accessed by your Coach who will make any adjustments necessary. Please also utilise the comments section to notify your Coach a week in advance of your current program ending.