Exercise Physiology & NDIS

Exercise Physiology has long been known by medical professionals to be a highly effective intervention for a broad range of acute and chronic pathological conditions and injuries. 

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are allied health professionals with knowledge in effective management and prevention for cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancers, respiratory/pulmonary, mental health, and other conditions. 

Numerous research studies consistently demonstrate that individuals who engage in regular exercise can extend their lifespan by up to 10 years compared to those leading sedentary lifestyles. Furthermore, transitioning from no exercise at all to just 90 minutes per week can decrease the risk of mortality from any cause by 14%. 

At Athletic Institute, our comprehensive approach embraces more than just individualised exercise programs, we also prioritise education, advice, guidance, and assistance around physical activity and lifestyle choices. 

 Our AEPs liaise with other health professionals to offer you a holistic and all-encompassing service to enhance your overall health and well-being.  

60-minute sessions  | $95.00 

45-minute sessions  | $80.00 

30-minute sessions  | $70.00 

You can select Exercise Physiology as an ancillary from your private healthcare provider and you can receive rebates between $27-$40 per session. 

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AEPs also provide support for people living with a variety of disabilities around exercise focused capacity building. We assist by assessing your current level of function and designing a tailored exercise plan to target your needs and goals related to moving independently, improving mobility, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. 

As NDIS registered providers, Exercise Physiology is funded under NDIS plans for improved daily living, health and wellbeing. 

Individuals with disabilities who engage in regular physical activity reported a 30% increase in overall life satisfaction. The benefits of exercise include but are not limited to an increase in mental well-being and confidence, memory and cognitive tasks, strength, cardiovascular health and fitness, activities of daily living and a decrease in secondary health complications, and obesity. 

60-minute sessions  

45-minute sessions 

(Pricing arrangements as per NDIS limits) 



WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) 


 AEPs are approved providers for individual exercise physiology treatment services to help workers and MVA clients recover following an injury on referral from a GP. 

AEPS play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, using exercise programs to restore physical function, regain confidence, and independence and facilitate return to work-related capabilities.  

60-minute sessions  

45-minute sessions

(Pricing arrangements based on WorkCover WA service fees)