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Don’t trust your PT for performance-based training!

Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches are commonly seen as one and the same. The majority of “health-conscious” individuals are all too happy to part with their hard-earned cash and put their body and fitness regime in the hands of a PT they’ve sourced online or at their local gym.

You wouldn’t expect accurate and responsible medical advice from someone who gained their Diploma in Medicine from Google University, or happily let your older sibling pull your teeth out with a piece of string tied to a doorknob. Yet by entrusting your health to a Cert qualified PT, you’re essentially doing the same thing!

PT’s have no barrier to entry.  A 3-month course simply isn’t enough timeframe to train someone how to exercise correctly, lift properly, increase mobility, check cues to prevent exercise-related injury, plan a tailored program, inspire, motivate and learn how to build an effective client/coach relationship.

Having said this, of course, there are good personal trainers who have 10+ years’ experience and plenty of continuing education behind them, but these are few and far between given the average lifespan of a PT is 18-months

Yet PTs are sought out to help get you in shape, looking great and full of energy and zest. How can they do that if they’ve only been taught the basics?

PT’s are good for accountability, motivation and that’s about it.  

At best personal trainers are there to keep you accountable. After all, they are (somehow) seen as a luxury spend, so you find yourself hauling yourself out of bed for a Saturday morning session, just because you’ve paid an amount that doesn’t commensurate the output.

So why do so many of you swerve around degree and masters qualified strength and conditioning coaches? Well, strength and conditioning coaches are often working in the athletic and performance realm with actual athletes, so the words “Athletic” and “Performance” often frighten the general population. If you’re not an athlete or aspiring to be an athlete, then being trained by a strength coach is too intimidating right?

Strength and Conditioning Coaches, however, are chosen by the elite because they are qualified, trained and experienced enough to be able to get optimal performance with minimal risk of injury.

Surely that should be your aim too? Why would you settle for anything less than the best if you don’t have to? And guess what? You don’t have to!

Here at Athletic Institute we run specialised classes and offer private coaching for the general population. The price is the same as your run-of-the-mill group fitness classes and PTs walking the gym floor. The difference though is we actually have the in-depth knowledge and tools to get you results…guaranteed.

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