Casual Recovery Sessions

Athletic recovery is the key to reaching peak performance. Here at AI, we recognise that pushing your limits and achieving optimal performance necessitates a strategic approach to rest and recovery. In order to promote the vital role of recovery in your performance, we provide a suite of recovery products that offer a myriad of benefits, including accelerated muscle repair, reduced risk of injuries, enhanced mental clarity, and overall longevity both in your sport and in life.

Whether you’re a professional athlete seeking that competitive edge or a fitness enthusiast looking to optimise your workouts, we have an athletic recovery solution for you.




Infrared Sauna

Our 4-seater Infrared Sauna is a great way to adapt to heat stress to improve sporting performance, aid weight loss, and enhance recovery. Other benefits include detoxification, relaxation, stress relief, and improved circulation. Use in conjunction with the Ice bath for an invigorating contrast therapy session. 

Ice Baths

Ice baths are ideal for muscle recovery. Plunging into an ice bath after intense physical activity helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. The cold temperature constricts blood vessels, reducing swelling and also helps boost immunity. This promotes faster muscle recovery, allowing you to bounce back quickly. 

Normatec Compression Boots

Normatec compression boots uses cutting-edge technology to provide a professional-grade recovery experience. By applying intermittent pressure to your limbs, starting from the feet and moving upwards, these boots help flush out metabolic waste, reduce inflammation, and enhance circulation. This targeted compression technology ensures a comprehensive and efficient recovery experience. 

Compex Muscle Stimulator

Add Compex muscle stimulation to your training to help maximise muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers. Compex targets both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers with impact power and explosiveness. Regular 30-minute Compex sessions can help your training efficiency allowing for enhanced fitness results.