Private Coaching


Not all trainers are created equal. Most are certification qualified with little to short-term generalised experienced. All our specialist Strength Coaches are degree qualified and highly experienced across a wide range of sectors. Not only have they trained elite and state athletes, but they have written programs for school and university sports sessions, other gyms and train the Federal Police.

Our coaches are experienced in youth athletic development as well as training general population adults. This gives them the breadth of experience to match the depth of their qualifications.

1x 1-hour session p/w | $85.00

2x 1-hour sessions p/w | $80.00

3x 1-hour sessions p/w | $75.00

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1x 1-hour session p/w | $100.00

2x 1-hour sessions p/w | $90.00

3x 1-hour sessions p/w | $85.00

*This is for master’s degree qualified coaches only.

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We expect everyone to undergo a thorough consultation and fitness assessment prior to joining. This ensures we get an accurate picture of your overall health, fitness, and mobility and a solid understanding of your goals.

Without this, we will not be fulfilling our duty to you as coaches and you will be training without a purpose.

Anthropometrics | $55.00

Full Consultation + S & C Testing | $90.00

Performance Testing | $130.00

Lower Body Power Testing | $80.00

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Physical exercise is only half the journey to a healthy mind and body. No matter how hard you work, how fast you run, or how heavy you lift, you cannot be successful without a nourished and well-fueled body. Trying to out-train unsatisfactory nutrition just does not work, the mindset around nutrition should be to fuel the work required and that nutrition should support your training habits and daily lifestyle. A standard error people make is to “train harder or more frequently” due to poor nutrition choices, this relationship with food can be unhealthy and deliver poor results.

Here at AI we take a holistic approach to wellness and encourage our members to work as much on their nutrition, as on their exercise regime. Our Sports Nutritionist Fabricio Forchino has over 18 years of experience in the field and has worked with high-performance athletes, coaches, and teams across several sports and different countries. 

*Nutrition Consult | $90 – 60 minutes

*Sports Nutrition Consult | $130 – 90 minutes

Review Consult | $75 – 45 minutes

Individual Meal Plans | $90 

Individuals with Private Health Insurance (Extras) may be entitled to rebates (Currently not available)

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