We don’t plan to fail, we program for success

About Us




Athletic Institute is a private-based strength and conditioning gym. Our reputation is built on the quality of service and staff with ALL coaches being university qualified, and holding either a master degree in Strength and Conditioning and/or Exercise Physiology. 

We utilise best practice training techniques through personalised training programs to aid our members in achieving their personal goals. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or beginning your fitness journey, we have the qualifications, experience, tools, and knowledge to help you reach your health and fitness potential.

Our passion is two-fold:

We are passionate about youth athletic development and are aiming to eradicate the myths around youth strength training. We are paving the way to a generation of stronger, more resilient youth athletes.

We are also passionate about educating the general population on the correct way to achieve optimal fitness results. The norm has either been DIY gym sessions or group classes where everyone does the same thing regardless of their goals, limitations or ability.  Only through testing and results-based training programs can you safely and quickly progress.

Anyone wanting to join has to undergo a full consult where we find out who you are, what drives you, look at your lifestyle, ascertain your goals and identify your priorities and mindset.

We then take you through a Functional Movement Screen to determine your mobility and stability in your fundamental movement patterns.

From these results, we write a tailored training program designed to meet your individual goals and requirements.

Our facility is clean, bright, modern, and full of the best equipment to help elevate your training. Amenities include an altitude room, consult room, recovery area, coffee bar, and lounge area.

As well as the usual gym equipment, we also have watt bikes, curved treadmills, a climbing pegboard, rope climb and rings, a basketball hoop, and more.

Strength and Conditioning is a life-long journey and we want to ensure everyone has access to quality training and enjoy the process of getting better.


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